How many days till I receive my order?

"Orders received will be processed on the next business day.  Depending on payment clearance, your order will generally ship out within 3 days.  Orders are shipped by regular post ground Canada (5-10 days) and USA (10-14 days).  No tracking is provided for economy ground shipping.

Where do orders ship from?

"Orders ship from one of three distribution centres in Toronto, Ontario Canada. 

What if I want my name on a purse hanger or key finder?

"Simply order your item through the check-out process.  Then go to the Uplaod Tab and send a note with the file (if it is a logo) or simply put the correct spelling of your name in the note area and submit.  We will send you confirmation of your order matched to your artowrk.  Please try to process your order and submit art within 1 hour so we can match the two up."

Can you send products from website as gifts?

"Simply fill in the correct info on the Paypal form for name and address you wish the order to ship to.  We will ensure no pricing info is sent with the order.